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radial_red.gif Article Review Guideline (For Article Reviewers)
    Please download this KNOM Review Guideline and use it to review manuscripts.

KNOM Review Article Review Guideline



Please provide a one-paragraph description of the content of this manuscript.


Please identify and discuss the contribution of this manuscript. Please include in your discussion items such as the following:




Does the paper have significant related work content? That is, is there enough background provided so that the generalist in network management can understand its main contributions? Elaborate.


Does the paper contain original contributions? What is the nature of the contributions?


Is there a description of lessons learned that are given to the reader to help the reader avoid pitfalls in his own work?



Is there a need for a paper such as this in the Network Management community? For example, are there articles that are already available which cover more or less the same topic at about the same depth?



Please discuss the quality of the citations in this manuscript. If you think the citations should be improved, please provide specific references or sources of articles, such as journals, conferences or magazines, that should be consulted.



Please comment on the organization of the paper, and offer any suggestions that you think will improve the paper and its readability.



Please comment on the technical correctness of the manuscript in general, identify any specific technical inaccuracies that you find, and make suggestions for correcting those.



If the manuscript does not require major revision, please provide a list of minor changes, such as spelling or grammatical errors, that need to be made. Please use the format "p. 7., l. 18 somth ==> smooth" to mean "on line18 of page 7, correct the spelling from somth to smooth."



Please provide a summary comment on the overall suitability of the paper for publication in KNOM Review, assuming the recommended revisions are made. For example, if this is an outstanding contribution, please so state. If a major revision is needed, please so state. If the manuscript requires major editing, please so state.  


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The Committee on Korean Network Operations and Management (KNOM)

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